The Help Awards 2021
The Help Awards 2021

Well Done team

Celebrating outstanding contributions in Health, Engagement, Learning & People
Defence Shed - Port Adelaide's contribution to the veteran community & to the community at large, has been recognised at this years awards.

  • Care 24-7 - Wellness and Inclusion

Congratulation to all the volunteers and supporters who helped make it possible.
+ Skills

Working closely with TAFE and other recognised training organisations, DSWW offers access to accredited courses where members can create and collaborate together & gain valuable skills.

+ Activities

Getting out together kayaking, camping or bike riding as families and mates, giving Peer2Peer support to each other and enjoying the great outdoors.

+ Creativity

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

+ Support

Defence Shed gives a hand up to those struggling with their service related health issues.

+ Community

One of the most important things for a good life is good health, and for good health, a strong community is paramount.

An initiative proudly supported by the Chief of the Defence Force
Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin
Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin Chief of the Defence Force 2014 - 2018
"Building strong links with the community is essential to ensuring our current and ex-serving Defence personnel can build resilience."
Benjamin Parkinson - RAAF
Benjamin Parkinson - RAAF Defence Shed Chairperson 2017 - 2019
“I don’t believe I have ever seen this type of unity before in the Defence community."
Catherine Spooner - Service Wife
Catherine Spooner - Service Wife Project Consultant of ‘Serving Country’.
“Being given a mission is probably the one thing that kept me going”
Jarrod Chandler - ex RAR
Jarrod Chandler - ex RAR Defence Shed Secretary 2015 - 2017

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ACNC Charity
ACNC Charity

Volunteer Organisation

Being a volunteer organisation makes sure that 100% of funds raised for a project go towards that project and not absorbed in administration fees, general revenue, wages etc.

Defence Shed is a fully incorporated not for profit and a fully Charitable (DGR) organisation.


Here’s how you can support Defence Shed.

Defence Shed is always on the look out for supporters looking to lend a hand and share their knowledge.
Buy a ticket in a local Defence Shed Raffle or Fundraising Event with 100% of activities going towards that Shed.
Donations no mater how small make our projects possible and with your support Defence Shed can assist others.
Defence Shed can assist your company to find the right project to invest in, to reach the desired outcome.

Not sure how to get started?

If you need assistance contact Defence Shed, we will help find you the solution. Discretion is assured

Contact Defence Shed

or simply call the Shed
0427 607 933

Tools to assist

Defence Shed fills the gaps and creates the links between organisations and agencies helping to capture the people who slip between the gaps.

Working together and understanding what tools and services are available makes all the difference.

Thank you for Support


Defence Shed Locations

31 Nile Street Port Adelaide, SA, Australia 5015
31 Nile Street Port Adelaide, SA, Australia 5015

Defence Shed Port Adelaide

Wed: 10am - 3pm
Sat: 10am - 3pm


188 Edward Street Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 2650
188 Edward Street Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 2650

Defence Shed Wagga Wagga

Mon: 10am - 3pm
Thur: 5pm - 7pm